Wild Birds

Wild Birds are of massive personal interest and at Stable Door Pets we pride ourselves on our wild bird feed section.

We stock a good selection of Bird Feeders consisting of Nyger seed feeders,peanut feeders,wild bird food feeders, Suet Pellet feeders, fat ball feeders, and sunflower heart feeders.

In our store we sell both no mess and standard wild bird food. We have a large variation of feed in bags ranging from 2kg bags to 25kg.

We really do have a wide variety of feed in stock. Including peanuts,Nyger seed, suet pellets, small and large fat balls,sunflower kernels, black sunflower kernels, Millet Sprays, Suet Logs and Suet Rolls. See?

We also have feeding stations, bird tables and nesting boxes. Our feathered friends section really is worth a visit. But don’t just take our word for it, come and visit our store in the spectacular surroundings of Bude in Cornwall.

Need help for Wild Birds?

We are local and always happy to help for all your animal needs.

Call us on 01288 354274, we will be happy to help