Small Animals

At Stable Door Pets we must not forget our little friends. Rabbits, Hamsters , Mice, Gerbils,Rats. Degu, Ferrets and Guinea pigs are often the animals chosen as  first time pets for children and loved ones.

To keep all these variations of small animals happy our shop in Bude supplies a wide range of food including: Supreme,Burgess,Chudleys, Mr Johnsons to name just a few.

We also stock accessories including:  cages, wheels  tubes and tunnels. Small drinking bottles, toys and treats are also widely stocked.

We also stock a good selection of pet bedding including: cotton wool, paper, shavings and straw.

To see our full range of stock why not visit us, we’d love to see you and we’re always here to help with all your pets needs.

Need help for Small Animals?

We are local and always happy to help for all your animal needs.

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